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A Theragun is a brand of hand-held electric percussive massage device. It has a reciprocating piston with a foam attachment on the end to hold against the body, with a selection of attachments providing flexibility to apply therapy to different parts of the body.

Unlike foam rolling, percussive therapy massage guns can penetrate deeper into the body's soft tissue (up to an inch), stimulating your muscles and helping release tension.

Many massage guns have only 10mm of vibration amplitude, but the Theragun has 16mm of travel, allowing for deeper performance for more effective recovery. 

The device is designed to have a unique combination of speed, depth and power. It is quiet to use and has adjustable speed to personalise treatment. The deep tissue massage of a Theragun is calibrated by medical experts and backed by science for longer-lasting relief and is proven to improve your recovery, performance, sleep, mobility and stress, as validated by science publications and research studies.

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