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Hot stone massage uses smooth, heated stones to provide warmth to help relieve pain and tension in your muscles with a combination of heat and massage therapy. Heat is often recommended to help treat aching muscles. Applying heat to an area of the body increases blood flow, which can improve healing.

Hot Stones

During treatment, basalt stones heated in a water bath are placed on specific points of your body to promote relaxation and to relieve tension.

The stones can also be used to apply gentle manual pressure by gliding them along your muscles.


The combination of pressure and heat helps to ease muscle stiffness and improve circulation.

Hot Stones Massage

Benefits of hot stone massage can include:

  • Stress relief: the warmth from the stones along with the gentle pressure applied during therapy can help to reduce stress, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

  • Muscle relaxation: the warmth from the stones helps to relax tight muscles, allowing the therapist to work more effectively on problem areas.

  • Improved circulation: the hot stones on the skin help to dilate blood vessels, improving blood flow and promoting overall circulation

  • Pain relief: it has been found that heat from the stones can provide relief from chronic pain such as backache and arthritis.

  • Enhanced mental well-being: the calming effects of massage with hot stones can help to relieve anxiety and depression.

Is a hot stones massage suitable for everyone?


As with many therapies, it is wise to consult a medical professional if you have any ongoing medical conditions as described below to ask for advice about the suitability of the treatment:


  • Medication: if you’re on blood-thinners or any type of medication that induces heat-related side effects

  • Lack of sensation: Some medical conditions provoke a lack of sensation in the body, such as diabetes, neuropathy, MS or high blood pressure.

  • Suppressed immune system: avoid hot stone massage if you have a condition that affects your immune system, such as MS, cancer and lupus.

  • Pregnancy: during later stages of pregnancy, hot stone massage can provoke discomfort.

  • Skin conditions: heat can irritate skin conditions, causing discomfort or prolonging symptoms, so a traditional massage would be a better choice. Such conditions include eczema, burns or psoriasis.

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