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We aim to regularly upload videos showing a range of exercises to tackle specific areas of the body or training techniques, or using a particular piece of equipment.

Please watch and enjoy these videos and if you have any suggestions for future videos, just let us know.

Pre-Run Warm Up Exercises


5 exercises that can be performed before your next run to help to increase muscle force capacity, increase range of motion and reduce the risk of injury:

  • Banded Bodyweight Squats x8

  • Knee Drive Holds x4 (each side)

  • Lunge Hold with Calf Raise x4 (each side)

  • Wall Sit with Calf Raise x6

  • Tibialis Anterior Raise x6

Published Date: 21st June 2024

BOSU Ball Exercises


5 exercises that can be performed using a BOSU Ball (BOth Sides Up):

  • Kettlebell Around The Worlds

  • BOSU Ball Plank with Tennis Ball

  • Bear Pose Reactive Hops

  • BOSU Ball Plank with Knee Tucks

  • Body Weight BOSU Sit Ups

Published Date: 14th May 2024

Plyometric Exercises for Beginners


5 plyometric exercises using powerful, rapid movements to help increase speed, power, and strength:

  • Double to Single Leg Plate Jumps

  • Lateral Bound with Forward Plate Jump

  • Lateral Dumbbell Jump Overs

  • Drop Jumps

  • Dumbbell Squat Jumps

Published Date: 5th April 2024

Core Strength Exercises


6 exercises that can be used to strengthen your core, providing benefits from improved posture, stability and movement, to reduced pain and injury risk:

  • Alternating Knee Tucks

  • Leg Raises

  • Dead Bugs

  • V-sit Over Unders

  • High-Plank Pull Throughs

  • Swiss Ball Jackknifes with Press Up

Published Date: 20th March 2024

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