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When clients present with an injury, it is important to have the correct training to give an accurate diagnosis so that a successful treatment can be applied. As a degree-qualified Sports Rehabilitator, Will has the training and hands-on experience to provide an efficient and detailed analysis.

We are proud to have helped clients from a wide cross-section of the public, including athletes, rugby players, runners, tradespeople, farmers, teachers, professional dancers, motorsport drivers, office workers and the elderly.

A wide range of injuries and problem areas have been successfully diagnosed and treated, including those caused by sports, client's jobs, or simply age-related mobility issues that need gentle exercise programmes.

A series of questions and physical assessments are used to determine a diagnosis. Often manual therapy techniques are applied to get to the root cause of problems. Treatment can then commence where a range of therapy techniques can begin to tackle the problem areas to provide relief.


But more than that, we explain to the client how injuries may have been acquired, describing and demonstrating issues using joint models and muscle and ligament diagrams located in the therapy room. After treatment, we give advice and suggest exercises that the client can use themselves to help with their own recovery and to try to avoid repeated injury. Many clients are back to their normal activities quickly after treatment. Additional help is always on hand if a client chooses to make further visits for additional therapies.

Knee Assessment
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