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An important part of sports massage therapy is to identify and treat muscular problems, which can be the result of a multitude of tasks, including sports, manual vocations, physical hobbies or even just bad posture from an office job.

A sports rehabilitation and conditioning therapist provides a vital additional role to diagnosis and therapy, which is conditioning. This enables the therapist to guide and train the client to help prevent recurrence of an injury and to enhance the client's overall fitness, strength and mobility. This can often be achieved through a combination of massage therapy and the use of exercises which the client can perform at home.

We can also provide bespoke rehabilitation and conditioning programmes. As a client's condition improves, exercises can be monitored and adjusted to suit the client's progress and capabilities. To achieve this, a prescribed programme tuned to the client would be performed during multiple sessions in our therapy room gym.

Correct posture is also an important part of injury rehabilitation and prevention. In the gym, a client can see their posture whilst performing exercises using our full-length mirror. Guidance will be given during exercise to make any posture corrections so that exercises are performed effectively to maximise their benefit. Of course, if you want to use the mirror to see how good you look, that would be fine too!


A few basic pieces of exercise equipment can be used in a surprisingly large variety of ways to help with rehabilitation and conditioning.


We normally help a client at the end of a therapy session by providing beneficial exercises to try at home. Many of these can be achieved without the need to purchase lots of expensive equipment, or the need to join a gym.

Our gym provides a selection of simple equipment but sometimes more complex equipment might be needed to perform particular exercises.

For this we have a more versatile weight training rack. 

Of course, some clients may already have some basic home equipment; others may find it beneficial to buy some. Some may decide to join a gym to improve their overall fitness as an ongoing strategy. And if more complex exercises are recommended, then joining a gym might actually be advantageous.

Bands & Kettlebells
  • Abdominals exercise wheel

  • Abdominals exercise discs

  • Push up handles

  • Hand grip strengtheners

  • Yoga blocks

  • Aerobic exercise step

Equipment available:

The equipment currently available in our gym includes:

  • Weight training rack with lat handle and low row positions, dip handles, landmine attachment, adjustable bench, various attachments (revolving double handle, double tricep rope, wooden gym rings)

  • Olympic barbell

  • Contoured barbell

  • Weights for training rack and barbells from 1.25 kg to 20 kg

  • Dumbells from 2.5 kg to 15 kg

  • Kettle bells from 4 kg to 20 kg

  • Medicine balls, 3 kg & 6 kg

  • Resistance Bands

  • Exercise ball

  • Balance board

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